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Love Suite in a SPA in the heart of Rome

Inside a luxurious spa in the heart of Rome, a short distance from the beautiful Piazza Navona, we offer spa treatments for couples in a romantic and private atmosphere.

Aperitivo & Relax
Wellness path in a private suite for 2 persons
- Massage for couples in exclusive suites with hot tub, wellness treatment (turkish bath, sauna, emotional path) and aperitif finger food served poolside
Duration 1h30
Totale Price € 199,00

Love Suite
Wellness path in a private suite for 2 persons
- Massage for couples in exclusive suites with hot tub, wellness treatment (turkish bath, sauna, emotional path), relaxation area for tasting organic herbal teas and sliced fresh fruit.
Duration 2h30
Totale Price € 259,00

Restaurant Gourmet Overlooking Rome

Enjoy an aperitif or a gourmet lunch or dinner in an exclusive location with breath-taking views over the rooftops and domes of Rome, that will make it an unique and unforgettable moment

On a quiet and stylish terrace, away from the chaos of the city, you can relax and enjoy a refreshing aperitif or enjoy the fine cuisine of the Chef of the restaurant, while admiring the unique and romantic panorama of the Eternal City.

Contact us for more information on seasonal menus and special offers for couples and groups.

Picnic for two in a park of Rome

Take your time and take advantage of all of the opportunities the Eternal City is able to offer to lovers:

A romantic picnic for two, whereby you will be able to taste delicious gastronomic specialties and Italian wine, all to be tasted while sitting comfortably on grass, under the sun or under the shade of the secular trees, in the magical context of the historical Villas in Rome: Villa Borghese, Villa Pamphili, Villa Celimontana and Orange Garden are the possible locations.

Our proposals:
Romantic Picnic in Villa Pamphili
2 Basmati rice sautéed with vegetables and chicken
1 Quiche Lorraine with a small salad
1 Leek Quiche with a small salad
2 small bowls with fresh strawberries
2 small waters
1 Micel Prosecco
Basket, cloth and all of the necessary items for the picnic (to be picked up inside the Villa)
*Basket and cloth to hand back in at the end of the pic nic.
Total price for two: € 62,00

Picnic for two in Villa Borghese, Orange Garden or Villa Celimontana
We will deliver the package containing all of the necessary items for you pic-nic during a rendezvous to agree upon with our agency.
A’ la carte choice between the following options:
- Vegetable cous-cous/ Pesto Pasta/ Wok sautéed basmati rice
- Cereal Salad/ Greek salad/ Nizzard Salad
- Stuffed baguette with: ham, turkey, pork or grilled vegetables
- Bagel with salmon
- Small baguette with honey or Nutella
- Macarons/Cake with cream and pears/ Apple Pie/ Brownies/ Sour cherry pie/ Muffin/ Croissant/ Pain au chocolate
- Seasonal Fruits
- Water/ Organic Fruit Juices/ Prosecco, wine or beer
Total price for two: starting from € 62,00

Romantic De Luxe picnic in Villa Pamphili
Superior quality service and butler
Duration: 2h30
1 Tuscan spread DOC
1 camembert
1 grapes or strawberries, depending on the season
1 small salami
2 baguettes
2 couscous with vegetables o cereal salad (choice)
2 small pies with cream and pears or raspberries
4 macarons
1 cold coffee Illy
1 organic Prosecco
2 water 0,5l-
1 Pastiglione Leone (sweets)
1 bouquet of fresh flowers
1 disposable camera
Total price for two: starting from € 215,00

Appia Antica and Caracalla Baths Tour

The tour of the Appian Way combines the charm of a walk through Roman history, between evocative archaeological finds, with the beauty of natural surroundings, typical of the Roman countryside.
Stroll along the ancient pavements of the street known as the “Queen of Roads”, originally built to connect Rome to the port of Brindisi, and then to Greece and the Orient.

The main stages of the Tour will be:
- Villa dei Quintili: a sumptuous residence in which you can admire the wonders of Roman architecture, beautiful floor mosaics and the private arena of Emperor Commodus
- The Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella: a monumental tomb built for a Roman noblewoman, a key attraction on the ancient Appian Way
- The Villa of Maxentius: where you can visit a well preserved ‘Circus’
- The Catacombs of San Callisto: among the largest and most important in Rome, where early Christians hid and got together to practice their prohibited faith
- Castrum Caetani ancient Dogana of the Middle Ages
- The Baths of Caracalla: one of the largest and best preserved ancient thermal complexes, where you can observe all the different rooms of the Baths: the calidarium, the tepidarium, the frigidarium and the natatio;

On request the following places can be added to your visit:
- The Catacombs of St. Sebastian: the oldest in Rome, with beautiful frescoes, stucco work and inscriptions
- The Jewish Catacombs of Vigna Randanini: the only Jewish catacomb complex open in Rome, characterised by the presence of the typical niches (kokhim)
- The Park of the Roman Aqueducts stunning natural park with many artefacts of ancient Rome, Renaissance and nineteenth century origin
- a visit to the Tombs of Via Latina: two beautiful funerary complexes, rich in stucco work and exceptionally well preserved paintings
- Villa Capo di Bove: a thermal complex of an ancient Roman house from the mid-second century AD

In the event of changes to your itinerary, the price will be calculated according to a standard measure.